If you’re looking to expand your freight agent business, DSF Logistics is the partner to help you grow. Our vast service offerings and strong financial backing mean you’ll have the support to offer your customers whatever they need, putting you ahead of your competition and establishing yourself as a true asset to your customers.

DSF Logistics is the solution to your shipping challenges. Clear communication. Simple rate structures. Claim free deliveries. Simply put, we exist to help you meet your goals. We deliver the difference.


At DSF, companies of any size can access our extensive network and enjoy customized capacity solutions simply by contacting our truckload brokerage team. DSF Logistics can arrange transportation for your shipment and has a committed team of professionals by your side every step of the way.

The DSF Logistics Advantage

– Dedicated point of contact
– Cross-border and nationwide networks
– Market and seasonal specialists
– Load tracking and proof-of-delivery

Light Equipment Hauling

DSF Logistics utilizes a vast array of transportation that has less strenuous FMCSA requirements for smaller equipment. Instead of using Full Truckloads or creating partial shipments, we utilize all reliable mediums in the target area to deviate from what is used traditionally allowing us to pass along better pricing and increasing the capacity available.



DSF Logistics knows that without our carriers we would not have services for our customers. Without our customers, we wouldn’t provide value to our carriers. We truly believe our carrier partners are the glue that holds our business model together and that’s the reason we value our carriers and consider ourselves a carrier-centric company.